Success is in your DNA

NMN 15000

Made in America


Specially designed with the athlete in mind

  • Injury Prevention
  • Injury Recovery
  • Sustained Energy
  • Mental Focus
  • Immunity

Start feeling better now! There’s FDA supplement grade NMN and then there is our pharmaceutical grade NMN 15000 – the purest, most stable NMN on the market. Our NMN is specially processed to pharmaceutical standards which means there are no fillers, impurities, or metals in our NMN. Each tablet of NMN15000 is 99.9% ultra-pure β-NMN with sustained release technology which means that the body absorbs it easier and longer making it much more effective. Designed by a team of highly experienced pharmaceutical scientists, our products are made in FDA-inspected manufacturing facilities and tested three times via different globally recognized independent labs. There is simply no comparison – period. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to NMN. Do not mess with your health by using cheap, contaminated NMN.

Made in America

Made in America

Need we say more?…I think this speaks for itself.

At Reflexiv+ we know that your body is your career

If you get sick or injured, you’re screwed!



If you can’t play, you won’t get paid. It starts with injury and sickness prevention. NMN-Sport works at the DNA level to give you longevity.

Focus & Clarity

Focus & Clarity

Brain Fog Sucks! If you can’t focus, you can’t perform. A clear mind leads to success on the field, in the office, and in the classroom.

Sustained Energy

Sustained Energy

Avoid the crash and jitters of so-called “energy” boosters. Naturally sustained energy is the life-line of success. Don’t just stay in the game, stay energized all season!

Recover Faster

Recover Faster

Recover faster from injury or sickness with specially formulated Reflexiv+ products.

your body is your career

Success is In Your DNA!

“An athlete can only be successful if they are healthy. I know. I have been there. Too many young athletes are missing out on scholarships, collegiate athletes unable to go pro, professional athletes retiring too early, and retired athletes not able to live a pain-free life. That’s why I created Reflexiv+ Sports Science. I am dedicated to helping athletes do what they love to do for as long as they want to do it. No matter what stage of life they are in!”

– Jeff Eakins, Founder & CEO – Reflexiv+ Sports Science

Reflexiv+ uses the Chinese symbol for strength in its name. This symbol is formed in the shape of a plow which represents hard work and strength – the qualities of a successful athlete.

Reflexiv+ Athletes

Everyone Loves This Stuff!

(It’s not just for professional athletes)


“I am a flight attendant and the mother of four athletes. NMN-Sport and Claritē keep my soccer-mom stress levels grounded.” – Missy E.

Pickleball Guy

“As a retired athlete, I love staying active. Pickleball, basketball, softball…NMN-Sport has kept me in the game after all these years” – George P.

Future 5-stars

“I decided to invest in myself throughout high school with nmn-sport and I know it helped me play better. I know it helped me get to the next level.” – Josh M

College Athletes

“NMN-Sport has kept me on the field and recovered faster from injury which has been crucial to my success.” – Torbyn E. – MSU

Professional Athletes

“I don’t think I would be playing right now if I wasn’t using the Reflexiv+ NMN. I am a Reflexiv+ athlete!” – Corbin K – NFL

Teams up with


Bringing A Better Method
With The Most Advanced Technology

Oryza Pharmaceuticals allows Reflexiv+ sports science to provide athletes with the latest in health technology and purest products on the market.

If you’re going to put something in your body,

it better be clean and it better be safe.

The Best Ingredients. Period.

Seriously. Pro-grade ingredients safe for athletes. Our products don’t have fillers, chemicals, or other dangerous crap in them like other companies. We ensure that every ingredient is held to the highest standards, making them the purest and most stable products on the market today.


Designed by a team of highly experienced pharmaceutical scientists, our products are made in FDA-inspected manufacturing facilities and each tested three times via different globally recognized independent labs.

Want to play college sports?

Want to earn scholarship money?

Let Reflexiv+ help you!