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There’s A Lot Of Crap Out There

There’s Only One  Reflexiv+ Purity Level

86% of NMN products sold failed lab testing !!

64% of nmn products contained no NMN!

Reflexiv+ NMN-Sport is the purest, most effective NMN on the market.

In other words: This stuff is better than anything else out there!
(Trust Us)

The Facts About NMN-Sport

Reflexiv+ Sports Science research and development of all products is done in FDA-inspected laboratories and facilities. Our brands and products are from our own researched formulations. We are not like other products and companies who purchase their NMN from large manufacturers and then repackage them with their branding. Our products are our own – nobody else has them!

The majority of NMN supplements are in “immediate release” form. This means that the body will not be able to absorb all of the NMN that is ingested before most of it is discarded by the body. Reflexiv+ NMN-Sport is created in a “time-release” format which gives the body more time to absorb the NMN. This makes our NMN more effective than other products.

Reflexiv+ NMN-Sport is manufactured here in the U.S. in an FDA-inspected facility designed for prescription pharmaceutical products. This is where the difference really matters. FDA-inspected facilities are NOT all the same. Each step of the manufacturing process has a quality control program built in. There are different levels of scrutiny that facilities must go through depending on what they are manufacturing. Because we are manufacturing our manufacturing facilities are the highest quality in the industry.

You wouldn’t put low-grade fuel in a high-end sports car. Don’t put low-grade fuel in a sports body! There is a big difference between 99.8% and 99.9% pure! Purity has to do with how much of the NMN the cell will take in vs. how much the body will discard. At the cell level, the only thing a cell recognizes is if the enzyme is the same as what the body produces. If it is, then the cell will absorb it. This is why Reflexiv+ NMN-Sport is the purest in the world at 99.9% starting active material.

Our non-active raw materials are manufactured by leading suppliers internationally known in Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals. These are top companies that even some generic pharmaceutical manufacturers will not pay the price for because they are considered premium suppliers. Our product is made from GRAS materials (Generally Recognized as Safe). Both active and inactive ingredients we use in the formulation are carefully selected from a library of materials that meet this criteria. 

Even though we purchase materials from top-tier suppliers, we still perform thorough pharmaceutical-grade release testing on all raw materials before using them in our products. We also test our products multiple times throughout the process to ensure quality and purity. This is why our NMN is the best product on the market – we care about the quality every step of the way. Most companies just test the finished product to see if it is “good-enough” or just read the labels on the packaging from materials suppliers.

Oryza has recruited one of the top research and development teams in the pharmaceutical industry. This clinical team brings to the company an average of 30 years’ experience in drug metabolism, pharmacogenetics, pharmacokinetics, biopharmaceutics, drug-drug, and drug-food interactions, bioavailability, and bioequivalence aspects of generic product development. The team has in-depth knowledge and experience in the design and evaluation of phase I BA/BE studies (for both pharmacokinetics endpoint and clinical endpoint studies) for a wide variety of dosage forms and also a broad experience in clinical trials for new drugs, including Investigational New Drug Applications (INDs) and New Drug Applications (NDAs).The team designed and conducted over 2,000 BA/BE and clinical efficacy trials and participated in more than 200 IND/NDA/ANDA submissions (including Canada, the European Union, Australia, South Africa, China, and the United States) with dozens of first-to-file generic products.

With Oryza, Reflexiv+ Sports Science has unique capabilities and expertise in modified release technologies, including extended release, sustained release, delayed release, controlled release, pulsatile release, gastrointestinal targeted release, tamper-resistant release, as well as practical application combinations. We also have expertise in solubility and bioavailability enhancements. Oryza’s scientists have been employing state-of-the-art technologies in the development of special products. These technologies include laser drilling, hot melt extrusion, spray congealing, microfluid, nanoparticle suspension, solid dispersion, and material science in special treatment on solid dosage form products.

Oryza’s Analytical RD Labs specialize in active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and finished product dosage form testing and evaluation, analytical method development, validation and transfer, and analytical services supporting drug product development and manufacturing, as well as clinical trial materials CTM release and stability testing. Located in Florida, U.S.A, Oryza’s main Analytical Research and Development Lab is operated by our highly industrial experienced scientists using state-of-art analytical instruments. Working with a network of contract laboratories as our business partners, we extend our Analytical RD services to provide full characterization of drug substances, identification and structural elucidation of unknown impurities, elemental impurity analysis and assessment, and reverse engineering of target products.

You don’t put low-grade fuel in a sports car…

don’t put it in a sports body

We Test & Purify The Heck Out of Our Products

We test our raw materials extensively per supplier specifications and per the US Pharmacopeia Monograph.

(Scientific Translation: Our stuff beats the cell out everyone else’s products!)

  1. Quality Assurance test: test intermediate products during the processing stages.​
  2. Quality Control test: extensive product release testing at a GMP lab that has been inspected by the US FDA for testing of prescription drug products level.​
  3. Third-party test: Although not required due to our high-capability lab release testing, we perform third-party tests for heavy metals, purity, microbial contamination and residual solvents.

Our Team


To help athletes sustain longevity, perform at a higher level, recover faster, and maintain energy in order to have a longer, healthier, and more successful career.


Our Mission

Providing the highest quality products through technical innovation, experienced leadership and outstanding customer service. Our values center around product quality, ethical behavior and integrity in all our relationships.

Oryza Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a privately owned company, with primary operations based in Coral Springs, Florida, USA. We engage in the development, manufacture, marketing, distribution and sale of generic pharmaceutical products primarily in the United States. Oryza combines over 120 years of R&D knowledge and experience to offer a broad and integrated portfolio of products and services to the global pharmaceutical industry. We are dedicated to developing affordable branded and generic pharmaceutical products of high efficacy, safety and quality.