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One of the biggest mis-statements in recruiting is, “If you are good enough, they will find you.” This is just not true. Most schools don’t have the budget or the staff to recruit very far from campus. If you want them to find you, you have to go to them. Don’t wait for scouts to come to you and certainly don’t wait for your high school coach to help you with recruiting. You need to invest in yourself!

Not every school offers sports scholarships and only a small percentage of schools offer “full-ride” scholarships. D3 Colleges do not offer athletic scholarships. D2, NAIA, and D1 FCS mostly offer partial sports scholarships – if at all! There are a limited number of scholarships available to every school and to every sport. This includes scholarship budgets which are divided up amongst programs and players. Full-Ride scholarships are offered to less than 1% of collegiate athletes!

“What is your GPA?” is the very first question a college recruiter is going to ask you. The answer to this question will let them know if they even need to waste their time asking a second question. Coaches make their living by recruiting quality players and quality students. They don’t want to risk their paychecks by recruiting players who aren’t good students. If a college recruiter is asking you this question, they already think you are good enough to play for them.

The real answer to this question is, “It doesn’t matter.” The transfer portal has changed everything! 5-star D1 recruits are now transferring to lower division schools because they want to play right away and not have to wait behind older players. There is top talent at every level now! D1 is not always the best fit for an athlete. Ask yourself, “Am I the most dominant player in my state at my sport and/or position? Am I the most dominant player in my conference?…On my team? Be realistic with yourself and this will help you understand what college level is best for you.

You have to advertise yourself! You can either get the help of a recruiting company to reach out to coaches for you or you can do it yourself. Writing a quality email that introduces yourself and your interest in playing for that school is a great first step. Include your GPA, SAT/ACT scores, physical characteristics (height, weight, speed, vertical, etc.) and any awards you have received. Attach any documents you have to verify the information and also include links to any highlight videos. It is important to reach out to schools of all levels and see which ones respond to you. This will also help you know what level is right for you.

Reflexiv+ is dedicated to helping athletes excel at every level of their sport. Our products are designed to help keep you playing at your best. We also want to develop a community of athletes, coaches, recruiters, and more to help with the networking.

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I grew up in a small-town recruiters never came to. I had to defy the odds. I made it. You can too… and NMN-Sport is helping me stay there. – Porter G.

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