You Want To Stay In the Game…

We Want To Keep You In the Game.

Reflexiv+ Sports Science is helping every type of athlete sustain energy, recover faster, prevent injury, and boost their immune system in order to continue playing the game they love. Whatever that game is!

Corbin Kaufusi

“I don’t think I would be playing right now if I wasn’t using the Reflexiv+ NMN. I am a Reflexiv+ athlete!”

Corbin Kaufusi – NFL


A new method with new technology

Reflexiv+ uses the Chinese symbol for strength in its name. This symbol is formed in the shape of a plow which symbolizes hard work and strength – the qualities of a successful athlete.

Reflexiv+ provides athletes with the latest in health technology and purest products in order to help the body recover and stay healthy.







Highest Quality Ingredients

Whether it is our NMN, our elixirs or any other Reflexiv+ sport product, our research and development team makes sure that every ingredient, in every product is held to the highest pharmaceutical grade standards in the industry. This makes them the purest and most stable products on the market today.

Pharmaceutical-grade quality control

Designed by a team of highly experienced pharmaceutical scientists, our products are made in FDA-inspected manufacturing facilities and each tested three times via different globally recognized independent labs.

Advanced Release Technology

Porter Gustin

Reflexiv+ Athletes

At Reflexiv+ Sports Science, we are more than just our products! Reflexiv+ Sports Science is dedicated to our athletes both on and off the field! We want to build a community of Reflexiv+ athletes – giving them opportunities others can’t. Whether you are a high school or collegiate athlete looking to advance to the next level, a professional athlete wanting to extend your career, or a “retired” athlete that is not ready to retire yet; Reflexiv+ Sports Science wants to help you stay in the game!

“I have been using Reflexiv+ NMN-Sport to recover from surgery, I ran out of it for almost a week. I noticed an increase in aches and pains. So, there is no doubt that it has been helping me recover faster.” – Porter Gustin

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