Everyone is a
Reflexiv+ Athlete

The longer you can participate in the sport you love, the happier you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

What’s your game?


If you can’t play, you won’t get paid. The health of your body and mind is your life-line. It’s your career. Pro Sports seasons are long and grueling. They break your body down. Reflexiv+ is dedicated to helping you endure the season and stay in the game as long as possible. If injury or sickness keep you from playing, we want to get you back faster. Invest in yourself with Reflexiv+ and it will be worth it.

Whether you are a retired pro athlete, or just a legend in your own mind, you still want to compete. We want to see you have the strength to lift that pickleball tourney trophy! The older you become, the more important it is to use Reflexiv+ NMN-Sport and other products for longevity and endurance. We want to help your body stay as fresh and capable as your mind thinks it is.

Everyone knows you are the greatest competitor of all athletes! Competing against the clock and traffic to get your kids from one practice or game to the next and still be able to function proves it. Just keeping your sanity is a victory in and of itself! The stress can be overwhelming. You don’t have time to be sick. Reflexiv+ is there to help you keep your cool and your energy so that you will be able to accept that annual participation trophy at the team party before heading to the next practice.

College athletes need to find success in the classroom as well as in competition. You need the mental clarity and focus as well as sustained energy that Reflexiv+ can provide. Nothing sucks worse than slamming energy drinks or caffeine that give you the jitters and cause you to crash. You need to be at your best both mentally and physically. The better you perform in both areas the more successful you will be.

If your career keeps you on the road, life is hectic. You have to squeeze the exercise in when you can and the road-diet doesn’t help either. Airports, buses, taxis, subways…are all full of nasty germs ready to assault you. NMN-Sport and Claritē are there to help keep your immune system on alert and give you the energy and clarity to get the job done.

it’s worth it

You can’t afford not to take Reflexiv+

While the financial rewards of professional athletes may not be the same for  “athletes” with a profession, the rewards of becoming a Reflexiv+ athlete are just as… well… rewarding…really… you just can’t compare the two.


“Athletes” with a Profession

Basketball “Pick-up guy” – Energy to stay on the court while everyone else waits for “next!”

Armchair Quarterback – Stay focused to call the next play for your team playing on TV.

Softball Leaguer – Bragging rights at the company picnic.

Soccer Mom – Accepting the annual participation trophy at the year-end party while your kid gets their aggression out on whack-A-Mole.

Fighter…For The Armrest – Winning the right to a simple comfort in a middle seat on a long flight stuck in the middle seat between a “Talker” and a “Drooler”.

Pickleball “Pro” – Being able to beat those 70-year old “sandbaggers”.

Running… late to work – Focus and energy to finish your report on the subway without getting coffee or jelly-donut stains on it.